This Editor wants to provide a free, easy and comfortable writing experience.
Therefore we chose Perl, Scintilla and wxPerl, our binding to wxWidgets, to realize it.
Our goal is to make this software crossplatform, nonintrusive and interoperable.
To ensure a free reuse of the sources the Editor is released under GPL.
  maintained: 0.4 pl 5
       testing: 0.4.3
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Kephra - Old News
<fresh news>

Kephra Philosophy

Talks On 5th of August I gave at the YAPC::EU in Pisa a mid sized talk about the thoughts and philosophy, Kephra is designed and planned with.

I think the message was well received and that I could speak to many more people at that conference who at least got the idea partially. To me it is important that people grok that Kephra is something special and can be so for much more people in the next years.

I pointed to the stability we focus on and how fast we can implement smaller ideas. But still most important is the main goal: a dense, well balanced app that you can customize till your happy with it, but offers a lot of possibilities to learn from.

  Herbert, 19. August, 2010

Testversion 0.4.3: UTF and Linux

Downloads After nearly a year not constant development and untrue predictions there is a new test version Kephra 0.4.3.

The headlines are of course "UTF Files and UTF menu labels work now!" and "CPAN install is no longer a problem!". But there is lot more. Folding got its final polish, several new tools, marker and improved bookmarks, new margin context menu, new window modes and lots of small improvements and bug fixes show that 0.4.3 is another big step since 0.4.2.
Hope you like it too.

  Herbert, 28. July, 2010

Kephra installs now also via CPAN shell

Linux Since dev version we now install under linux and mac (win also) via CPAN shell. Just type cpan and if you have an installed Perl you get a special shell where the command "install Kephra" works. If you want dev versions, do "ls LICHTKIND" and write "install LICHTKIND/Kephra...version..tar.gz".

  Herbert, 20. July, 2010

Romanian Localisation

Localisation Stefan Suciu completely translated the english.conf into his tongue (romanian.conf) and Kephra speaks now one language more.
Thank you very much.

(Spanish and Russian are still strongly needed)

  Herbert, 15. May, 2010

0.4.3 will come soon

status report Even after the long release period we found several bugs. There are all fixed now and also most function of the next version (utf and other encoding, marker and definable status bar) are already implemented. Even some nice details like the adjustable transparency of the search dialog and the new nice bookmark icons are already in place, so expect something new soon.

We admit that the test version 0.4.2 had more bugs than usual, but there always was the stable 0.4, which contain no know bugs, soon followed by the stable version 0.5. After 0.4.3 there won't come much. The only planned features for 0.5 are printing, maybe a config dialog and the Plugin API which will the main reason for 0.5.

  Herbert, 09. December, 2009

The long Birth of Kephra 0.4.2

Bugfix Due some nasty bugs we had to replace this release several times. if you have any problems with 0.4.2 please reload it.
Thanks a lot.

  Herbert, 19. Nov, 2009

Testversion 0.4.2: New Tabbar

Downloads As announced and shown, Kephra 0.4.2 is ready to show the world its new shiny Tabbar. After a major internal rewrite, we're glad to deliver also some new feature.
A new textfolding function (fold all nodes) was added, and all fold functions can now be accessed via menu (View > Folding) and Keyboard (<Alt>+[<Shift>]+<+>|<->).
Formating functions for HTML entities are also new but perhaps the biggest improvement is that we healed most of the constant annoyances that you might encounter while switching the document or selecting text.

  Herbert, 30. December, 2010

Kephra uses now Wx::AuiNotebook

Internal Package Testversion 0.4.2 will arrive soon. The biggest visual change may be noticed in the tabbar. It will look different, because we switched from Wx::Notebook to Wx::AuiNotebook. It's less native but looks professional and the desire for movable tabs (by mouse) ruled this decision. As a consequence 4 feature had to be removed on the new tabbar: switch doc back by leftclick, custom function on middleclick, doclist contextmenu and the optional icons for new doc and close doc. Sreencasts are already there.

  Herbert, 17. Nov, 2009

Kephra at tocows

Internet Since several weeks has Kephra on it's own entry. I waited more than 2 seasons for this, because 14000 projects were in the queue. The developement pause had a different reasons. I was travelling, wrote articles, held a wxperl workshop but now I'm preparing Kephra 0.4.2.

  Herbert, 20. October, 2009

Kephra in german download archives

Internet 2 month ago I filled a form on and now you can see Kephra on and (at least yesterday) also at

  Herbert, 8. March, 2009

Patchlevel 5 for Kephra 0.4

Bugfix One day after I discovered, that the stable version crashed on during goto-commands, I released the fix. It contains also other noncritical enhancements about find in text, the status bar, spelling and updates of the default configs.

The last patchlevel, that wasn't announced here, solved problems while loading a file session and a disabled toolbar. Localisations and default configs where also improved.

  Herbert, 8. March, 2009

Kephra on Softpedia

Internet After a request of mine and some month waiting (TuCows needs even longer), we have a page at Softpedia. It contains the latest stable version for download and some info from this site. Hope it spreads the word about Perl app's even more.

  Herbert, 4. March, 2009

Looking for Translators

Localisation With Kephra 0.4.1 we have started a norwegian and czech translation. If you like to help us, translate (if you need also with UTF-8) this file and send it to us. Kephra comes bundled with all localisations. But if you want to "install" one afterwards, just copy the file into your /config/localisation directory.

  Herbert, 30. December, 2008

Testversion 0.4.1: Code Folding

Downloads Two days ago and just a few after releasing 0.4 PL 4 the first test release of the 0.4.n series came out. There was a lot of internal rework , but from users point 0.4.1 offers 2 new translations and of course code folding as you can see here.

You can fold by mousclick or with the keys <Alt>+<+>. Middle click or <Alt>+<Shift>+<+> will fold all siblings. (Key binding was introduced with and will be shipped with 0.4.2.) That feature allows fast navigation and almost replaces outlining. Its can be found rarely anywhere else and demonstrates that Kephra is always bringing new ideas. (like also brace navigation).

The only downside is that the editor unfolds everything when switching the document. This problems bigger effort and will be fixed until next testing release.

  Herbert, 30. December, 2008

Patchlevel 3 for Kephra 0.4

Bugfixes According to our thoughts about versioning, we ship - once a stable versions is released - (almost) only updates, (called patchlevel) that contain bugfixes and interface fixes. During the last days we released 3 of them to improve the documentation, repair 3 crash traps, remove 7 annoyances and add 2 new visible possibilities. Most important are: Kephra is now Unicode-save, the interpreter that is called by the output panel extension can be changed and a new dialog notifies if a file was currently deleted. The apps language can be changed via the menu again.

  Herbert, 12. December, 2008

Keeping This Site Fresh

Documentation The new release outdated a lot of content here but the refresh follows immediately. The feature list, the download section, our roadmap and tracker page are up to date. A huge explanation of the internals is currently in the rewriting process, some other pages like the end user docs will follow.

  Herbert, 5. December, 2008

Finally Kephra 0.4 !

Benutzerversion After nearly 3 years and with a mile long change log arrives here the first stable release named Kephra.

It is "just" a polished version of the last testing release that brought great news like the notepad and output panel. 58 bug fixes and a complete and translated end user documentation are the "only" differences between 0.4 and 0.3.10.

The problems of Perl developer like trouble with the Test-Suite and File-UserConfig are now the next issues.

  Herbert, 29. November, 2008

Cosy Talk in Vienna

Vorträge On of November I gave an extended (5 -> 20 min) version of my last lightning talk about Kephra, which I had given in August at YAPC::EU. Beside the necessary updates I foremostly added sections about then name and the ideas behind the project. This presentation was a harmonic follow-up of my talk "WxPerl kann more" which I held also in Kopenhagen in english. Like always, all slides can be found on my german wiki page.

  Herbert, 11. November, 2008

Kephra on OHLOH

Internet A few days ago I set up a project page on Maybe you like to add some content or show that there are already some Kephra users out there.

  Herbert, 24. September, 2008

Bug Fixing Marathon

Bugs Of course 0.3.10 was not bug free; but over 47 issues is unusual. I even fixed things like the umlauts problem in a qarter o an hour, which i thought was impossible to fix without deeper understanding. Its a great feeling to be aware that contains no known bugs (at least from the users perspective).

Yes 0.4 gets nearer, but I want to have syntaxmodes (0.3.11) and the config dialog (0.3.12) vefore we can release that.

  Herbert, 24. September, 2008

Testversion 0.3.10: Now With Output Panel

Downloads This is already 0.4 RC 3 and there will be a RC 4, because 0.4 should have a feature set that is in itself complete. So why introduce now completely new features? Because meanwhile there is with Padre a new WxPerl editor there, that clearly did this one thing better. I could not resist to copy that. And anyway, this feature was long enough at the top not only on my wishlist.

Furthermore 0.3.10 has new Lexer for 7 lesser used languages and the embedded default configs are now complete. All the changes are summed up in the release notes.

  Herbert, 4. September, 2008

Lightning talk at YAPC::EU

Vorträge On of August I gave in Kopenhagen a longer Talk about Wxperl, but on Wednesday the 13. I was allowed to talk in the big auditorium in front of all the attendees. My talk was a variation and translation of the talk I gave this year in Erlangen.

This talk was just a short and funny introduction to Kephra, communicating with a lots of images and some selected info. The 4 section where: features we have, power of the configs right now, short term plans and of course our mission goal. The talk was well received and can be found (together with my german talks) on my Wiki-homepage.

  Herbert, 31. August, 2008

Thanks to our Users

Windows Version 270 Downloads we had in April 2008 from the Kephra and Proton-ce Archives. That is more than our peak in june 2005. I'm really happy about that Kephra is recognized even the new stable isn't out yet

  Herbert, 07. May, 2008

Testversion 0.3.9: Still Bugs Fixing

Downloads After the bugs are taken out of RC 1, here is 0.4 RC 2. The List of all Changes is much longer this time, but has no outstanding items. Mostly because my main focus is now on polish and roundup.

Most important may be some technical changes. The all-inc-package for windows users contains now StrawberryPerl 5.10.0 instead of ActivePerl 5.8.8. The Modules Hash:Merge und Clone are also gone from this distro and no longer needed by Kephra. The embedded emergency configs are now complete. This means that Kephra can start and works properly with no config reachable config file as long you don't mind the black icons, no other available UI language and the fact that you can't change the settings. But the main configs are nevertheless written into a file after the first run of Kephra, so it should be not that big problem.

  Herbert, 29. April, 2008

Thanks To All Testers

Bugs Yes 0.3.8 was a bit buggy, but the issues of the non working PHP highlighter, crash while opening docs over help menu and many more are resolved now with the nightly version This I consider a great success, since thats's the only way we get great and stable version 0.4, based on current versions of WxPerl. It bothered me for months, that Kephra used an ancient Wx and I'm glad its over now.

Meanwhile, if you like to use a more stable but decently recent release, please grab 0.3.7. Thank you for using Kephra.

  Herbert, 16. April, 2008

Testversion 0.3.8: Much Less Bugs

Downloads This is some kind of Kephra 0.4 RC 1, thatswhy please do a lot of testing. All Changes are listed, but most importantly, Kephra now runs again on the newest version of WxPerl (0.83) but not on older than 0.70. Thatswhy the windistro is grown to 25MB and the 7zip sfx download has 5.5 MB. Lot of Joy with the cleanest Kephra since a long time.

PS: Yes, the config dialog is just a skeleton. Don't forget, it's just a testing release.

  Herbert, 15. April, 2008

Kephra now listed as "Project using Scintilla"

Internet After Julian Smart put Kephra kindly on the WxWidgets page as a programm, that uses their library, Neil Hodgson gave us yesterday a similar honor by listing Kephra on his project page. Scintilla provides a lot of the functionality Kephra delivers.

  Herbert, 06. April, 2008

Testversion 0.3.7: Some News

Downloads To show reliability I want to release something at least once in the quarter. Similar like the perl folks do, just in shorter intervals. Thatswhy now : a new testing version.

Once again we enhanced details like the cursor navigation from the search bar (just hold ctrl), the dekoration of the tabs or little edit functions like "join lines" or "replace current line". But the biggest and most important new features are "autosave" and "autonotify". Both work in user defined time intervals and can be turned off. Autosave saves all open document and the other do notify you, if a document is changed elsewhere. In this case you can ignore it, load the changes or save your changes and then load the other. For many it might be also important that (like announced) Kephra does now understand the new Perl 5.10 keywords.

Some might also saw Kephra on CPAN. Yes we are working on that, but it's not functional yet.

  Herbert, 11. March, 2008

Lightning talk on the 10. German Perl-Workshop

Talks On Feb the 14. I held a short talk about Kephra, that was ment as an update of my speech 2 years ago in bochum. It was on the the end of a row of lightning talks (see time table) at the end of the day. But nevertheless it was well received, there were interested questions and several programmer came to me and wanted talk about afterwards.

  Herbert, 04. Mar, 2008

Kephra packages ready for Perl 5.10

Internal Package As many of you use Kephra for Perl coding, I have good news. The known issues with the Scintilla Perl lexer seems to be solved, and also new operators for 5.10 are added. Special thanks for both to Kein-Hong Man who maintains the Scintilla Perl Lexer. It will take some months before all changes appear in Kephra, but the new Perl Keywords like say, given, when, state and UNITCHECK are already in The windistro will be shipped with 5.10 soon.
Happy new Year

  Herbert, 02. Jan, 2008

Kephra on

Internet A short description and a screen capture of our project is now in's screenshot section. Thanks to Julian Smart, founder of WxWidgets.

  Herbert, 14. Dec, 2007

Testversion 0.3.6: we're getting faster

Downloads Not only that I wanted a download with the new name. But with the upcoming major release we need a lot of testing. Therefore we release Kephra 0.3.6 so soon after 0.3.5. Many edges were rounded up, the docs updated and some bugs also taken out.

But most interesting for you are probably the new features. When you have frequently open many docs like myself, you like to hear than you can make the tab labels shorter by leaving out the numbers and filenameending. The main menu offers now also a quick way to save and restore the current files session, withou typing file names into a dialog. The template menu can now update itself, when you save your template file. And as a St. Nicholas present to the developer we added new text format functions, which helpes you to keep a desired text width.

The linux version is one step closer, and also the plugin API will come, but after Kephra 0.4 is released.

  Herbert, 11. December, 2007

This site moves on

Internet With the new Name (see next article) we move to our new web page. This page will no longer be updated.

  Herbert, 4. Dez, 2007

PCE is now Kephra

Kephra Finally, my remaining friends can take a breath, I have decided: The editor will be named Kephra (new

The old one can't be used due two reasons. PCE were the initials of the Proton Code Editor, the project that gave me the initial impulse. Furthermore there already exists the commercial Perl Code Editor. His author ("The Software Group") got PCE as a Trademark.

Thatswhy I searched for a long time and in depth for a nice name I would like to spell out, not too long, but with a meaning that describes my effort. Several candidates like Ferda, Merkaba, Napad passed during that search. I looked for a new word kombination or creation, but I think Kephra is seldom enough in this world.

Kephra is a word from the egyptian mythology that stands for a god (neter), that gives birth to the conscious life through concentration of all energies. He is symbolized as a scarab with wings, that holds the solar disc of Ra. He bears the living soul through the night af fear and intentions of self destruction, up to the morning, when the new born soul rises as horus from the horizon to his self destined path.

Following this picture, it is the goal of this editor to conduct and support the creation of software to the point it can run and fulfill its purpose. Also the aspect concentration of energies will be realized with Kephra, since we have a lot of great tools like PPI, PerlTidy, Text::Format, and so on in the CPAN, that just need to be bundled to get a great IDE.

  Herbert, 3. Dec, 2007

Testversion 0.3.5: some few news

Downloads The internal cleanups are finished for now and the searchbar works again fully and there are some real news in the editor that still looks for his name: 2 new submenus in the file menu. One for inserting user defined templates (edit them under config > templates) and one to open recently closed files (MRUD). Also the title bar can now be customized under the global config key app > window > title. (More infos on that in the default.conf file.) The blinkin of the toolbars can be turned off under app > toolbar > all and the error prone "auto brace join" is gone completely. Also does the exit dialog now list the unnamed documents correctly.

If you didn't noticed, you can also open above the tabbar an context menu, which list now only all the current opened documents with their full path. The 3 functions that used to be there gone to their place in the main menu, under Document > Change. If you like all this jus load the new test version

  Herbert, 21. November, 2007

Developer's Favorite

Status As development speeds up, many dirty corners are cleaned out, bugs fixed and there are some new features that will bring the upcoming testing release 0.3.5 and the also not so for away stable realse after this 0.4.

The major 2 new things are submenus in the file menu. The first will open a new file with a template you defined. You can define as much templates as you like in a file that can easily opened with the menu entry config > templates. But you can have several template file and set your current template file with the global config key: file > template > file. With the upcoming config dialog will this also be eased.

The second menu list you recently closed files. The global config key: file > history > length defines how long this menu will be.

The real story behinf the first feature is, that it came, like other things here too, through a long time user's request. To see some bugs for it maybe also would be nice but that is a real advantage if you use software from small project like this. 2 days after requested the feature was implemented and able to download from the nigthly archive.

  Herbert, 13. November, 2007

Testrelease 0.3.4: bug fix release

Downloads Yes, here weren't news since a year, I was a lot travelling but the project gains steam again. First sign of that: a new testing release testing release that contain all the current bugfixes. Only new feature: you can open all files of a directory at once. But there still some issues that will be cleaned up before we heading toward the next stable release (0.4).

  Herbert, 06. October, 2007

State of this Editor

Status No, were not dead, its just a transition. I have to find a good new name. PCE was always to ment to be just an interim name. I want one that expresses exactly what I feel, when I see and use PCE. Now its time i think do it, unfortunatly inspiration can not be forced.

The second issue is the CPANification wihich is almost done by Adam Kennedy. I'm currently merging his work into my codebase and its halfway done but the worst stands still out. But when its done, it runs under Linux and Mac without adjustments in the config, like now required. That will help greatly for a wider adoption and bring us much closer to fulfillment of our initial concept.

But there is also a third thing. The new release uses WxPerl 0.57 which isn't the newest version, but the last version before the introduction of Alien::Wx. Kephra have dozens more bugs and I'm not shure if there are our bugs at all. I don't know how it runs under Linux but to keep the buisness running under win, we stick to that version vor a while. Thanks.

  Herbert, 06. October, 2007

Testrelease 0.3.3: mainmenu and toolbar rebuild

Downloads All parts of the user interface do now reflect the state of the application immediately by enabling or disabling button or menu items, with checks and dynamic menus. The new version gives the user therefore a more living and touchable impression. More details about the changes you find in release notes , and as always, if you find a bug, please report it in the tracker.

We gone through some bigger core changes to enable these new features, but most of the newly gained power will revealed during next releases. Our biggest single goal for the 0.3.n series, removing Wx::XRC is now accomplished. About further plans tells you the roadmap.
Follow your conscience.

  Herbert, 24. July, 2006

Since version translation become easier

Localisation During the building of our new GUI/command/event system we achieved to put all localisation text strings into a single file. This makes translation of the program easy as we always wanted, because you have translate just this textfile. It is also easy for translators because they can see in the file the context of each text line.

Today we have only a german and english localisation. Maybe i do a czech some day, but spanish and russian is definitly most wanted now.

  Herbert, 17. July, 2006

Testrelease 0.3.2 brings new advanced Contextmenus

Downloads and the marvelous brace navigation. So get it here and check new Features and Fixes. And as always, if you find a bug, please report it on the tracker. Enjoy life !

  Herbert, 21. June, 2006

Advanced Feature Tour

Documentation I recently recognized that users sometimes don't find our best features themselfs. So i've written this text, to list all the goodies of the upcoming version which is slightly more than 0.3.1 can, but there should always be o good reason to try our nightly releases.

  Herbert, 3. April, 2006

Testrelease 0.3.1 brings Searchbar

Downloads Like announced brings this new version some new Features and Fixes, but these are not very much testet yet. If you find a bug, please report it on the tracker. Enjoy it.

  Herbert, 12. March, 2006

8. German Perl-Workshop

Texts My german talk was well recieved on this workshop. I met a lot of people, had interesting discussions and found some new possibilities. Finally we found taulmarill (from german ) who will help us with the Mac-port and Florian Ragwitz was willing to bundle a debian package for PCE. The CPAN distro of the Editor approaches as well and the testing release 0.3.1 will arrive soon with some new interesting features. So all is good except i could be less lazy.

  Herbert, 6. March, 2006

First Patchlevel

Bugs Even released we run into some bugs with the search dialog, but all is fixed quick and nice. Details you can read in the tracker. Buggy downloads were deleted, the fixed version is uploaded and all links on the project page are redirected to the fixed stuff. To differ the patched version from the unpatched 0.3 we introduce an patchlevel counter. You can see the patchlevel on the download page, on the filename of the download and in the info box at the program (help menu). It stands for the number of fixes made on a feature freezed version. This system i try to keep for a while. More Details about our versioning are written in our thoughts.

EDIT: 5 Days and 3 fixed and documented bugs later we bring 0.3 pl 2 with same proceeding as above. So there is no way to load an buggy version.

  Herbert, 21. Oktober, 2005

Suddenly, PCE Version 0.3 Appeared !

Major Release Its just for plain old Windows in English and German, the the other ports will come later, but wise people will be able to build crossplatform packages from sources. The release notes are as always just an overview.

  Herbert, 20. October, 2005

Play With PPI

Internal Package Exalted from this article, I wrote Adam Kennedy, because he shares similar aims with us. As a result of our conversation I include PPI into the Windows Port of PCE 0.3. If you want to play with it too, now you can can, and extend a bit PCE for your own needs (howto will follow). In future we will use PPI for syntaxchecking, refactoring and other perl supporting tools. We are not dismiss our original goal to support many languages we only serve our own needs first, and hoping if its good for perl, other perl programmer will join and make it also better for other tasks.

  Herbert, 30. June, 2005

RC 3 For Version 0.3

Downloads Still alive and kicking we are preparing a new stable release. New and interesting in RC are braceindent and bracededent which helps C and Perl programmers. If you like to help us or nosey for our new features try 0.3.0 RC2 ( in english or german and please report us the bugs via tracker or mailinglist. Linux version is on the way, UTF-Versions are still not stable, but we think they will be at version 0.4.

  Herbert, 27. June, 2005

Bugfix 7 For Stable Release 0.2

Windows Port According to our new versioning rules here comes another stable bugfix in english as well as german. Bugfixes in detail are decribed in the release notes.

  Herbert, 17. June, 2005

Experimental Linux and Mac Ports

Screenshots Untill now our program run only under windows. I'm excited to announce that we have a Gentoo Linux and a Macintosh OS X Port under the Hood. Both will soon come out out as stable releases. Thanks to Maik Glatki and Christian Renz.

  Herbert, 4. Januar, 2005

Serious Annoyance In UTF Version 0.2 !

Bugs Beside some minor bugs that are already fixed (next bug fix release will come soon or patch sources ) there is a serious thread with unicode(UTF) text handling in the unicode Version of PCE 0.2. Only some minor features are affected, but we marked the unicode version as unstable. Please don't work with Unicode, unless you need it and you can live with the quirks. We fix this problem as soon as possible.

  Herbert, 1. Januar, 2005

Finally, PCE Version 0.2 Released !

Major Release After a long and careful preparation, there it is the result, in english and german. Now we have multiple document handling, search and replace and many minor things more. Test it, and you will see that we are now three steps further to our goal.

  Herbert, 28. December, 2004

RC Countdown For Version 0.2

Downloads Is there an end, was there a beginning? After Release Candidate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, now here is RC 7 (PCE 0.1.98). Germans take this. Please Download and test to ensure quality. I hope now there will be no RC 8.

  Herbert, 24. December, 2004

First German Version With Umlauts

Localisation Like announced I made with wxPerl 0.21 a german, unicode capable Version ( 0.1.96 unstable) that supports german special Characters. There are plans for a czech translation as next.

  Herbert, 15. December, 2004

Hurray For wxPerl 0.21

Internal Package We thought wxPerl 0.19 would bring the possibility of multiple document handling, like we announced earlier, but the small nifty bug was still there. One week ago we tested 0.21 pre-release (it's not out yet) and it was a great joy and salvation. After some days of hard work we are pleased to give out a beta-release PCE 0.1.87, which delivers a complete working multiple document via tabs.

  Herbert, 29. Nov 2004

We Got Domain

Internet As a part of our project is intended to be our homebase outside of In next future there will be wxPerl class references and howtos in german and maybe a page for Manuel's Regex tester, which should become later part of the editor.

  Manuel, 17. Sept, 2004

First German Version Released

Localisation As a tribute to our users we translated the program into german. As a matter of fact all the developers are german, our friends speak german too like most people who would now use our editor. So download, enjoy and give us your feedback. The german and the english download are exactly the same, only the settings are different. The displayed language can also be changed on the fly via the Config|Einstellungen menu. The translation doesn't have german umlauts because this version will be win95 compatible. A second translation with german special characters will only be displayed well at win2K/XP.

  Herbert, 28. July, 2004

PCE Version 0.1.60 released

Major Release This is an unintentional full release but nonetheless we are proud to provide some new features. We planned to put these improvements into an update release but due to an incompatiblety the update wouldn't run. Read the release notes for more details or visit the download page. The next full release should contain more big features as we promised it in the roadmap.

  Herbert, 13. July, 2004

German Translation In Progress

Localisation We started to rework the wording to get several functions clearer. Simultaneously we are writing the German translation. By the way, we decided to translate in a free manner to get the best results.
If you want to help translating into other languages, send us an email.

  Manuel, 28. June, 2004

Mattia Barbon Released wxPerl 0.19

Internal Package It wrappes wxWidgets 2.4.2 and gives us the possibility to provide a few long desired features like: multiple document handling, CSS lexer, text folding, custom bookmarks and some minor things.

  Herbert, 25. April, 2004

New Icon Set From Jenne

Graphics PCE has now its own icon set. It can be adored in the toolbar, mainmenu and the customizable contextmenu of all versions after 0.1.20 (see in the screenshots section). The icons are located in the /pce/config/icon/set/jenne folder or can be downloaded separatly from

Jenne, 3. March, 2004

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