This Editor wants to provide a free, easy and comfortable writing experience.
Therefore we chose Perl, Scintilla and wxPerl, our binding to wxWidgets, to realize it.
Our goal is to make this software crossplatform, nonintrusive and interoperable.
To ensure a free reuse of the sources the Editor is released under GPL.
  maintained: 0.4 pl 5
       testing: 0.4.3
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Kephra - Features
Main Features

All Working Features, Thematically Sorted
(up to stable user version 0.4)
Planned Features
The first items of this list are scheduled for the near future, the last items will come later. For more detailed informations about our plans you should read our roadmap.
Feature Request
We are always pleased to listen to our users. So if your shure that your wish isnt fulfilled yet or on our todo list, send us please a feature request.

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