This Editor wants to provide a free, easy and comfortable writing experience.
Therefore we chose Perl, Scintilla and wxPerl, our binding to wxWidgets, to realize it.
Our goal is to make this software crossplatform, nonintrusive and interoperable.
To ensure a free reuse of the sources the Editor is released under GPL.
  maintained: 0.4 pl 5
       testing: 0.4.3
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Kephra - Downloads
The downloads below are recommended because this are the newest or currently maintained versions. A list of more downloads is here and some informations about planned releases are there. Feel free to test the version you like, the use of the program is in no way restricted. If you like to support the developement please consider to make an donation. And take also into consideration that we are on the halfway to our goals. Please try test Versions.

Enduser Release
For all people who honestly just want to use an editor without much worries we maintain the current stable release.

0.4 PL 5 - 4.2MB, win (me-7), english

Testing Release
provides bugfixes, new features or just suggestions and can contain placeholder that do nothing. They come out when bigger changes appear. It is recommended for all the kind people who want to help us to improve this program with testing, bug fixing and feature discussion.

0.4.3 - 5.2MB, win (me-7), english
0.4.3 - 470kB, just sourcecode, configs, help

Developer Versions
are uploaded randomly and can be considered as SVN-snapshots for user that aren't capable to check out SVN, but want the newest and freshest. They are located in the nightly archiv and can contain full releases or updates. They may be buggy, incomplete or selfdestructive. But if not, they wouldn't attract the real version and feature junkies, or would they?

Icon Themes
are located in the /config/interface/icon/set folder or available separately at

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