This Editor wants to provide a free, easy and comfortable writing experience.
Therefore we chose Perl, Scintilla and wxPerl, our binding to wxWidgets, to realize it.
Our goal is to make this software crossplatform, nonintrusive and interoperable.
To ensure a free reuse of the sources the Editor is released under GPL.
  maintained: 0.4 pl 5
       testing: 0.4.3
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Kephra - Introduction
What Is The Goal Of This Project?
This Project is aimed to create the Text Editor you ever wished to use for writing, coding, scripting etc. A piece of software that covers all your needs and looks like and behaves like you want it. It should uncage you creativity and make it possible to share with others in a self-determined manner.

But there are so many around?
Yes, thats true, but why is it so? Because no editor is perfect and programmers love it to make there own child, but alone they often don't reach too far. And the big projects frequently wants to climb upon the clouds and become disorganized and unclear, lacking some features that could be implementet instantly. It is also a widespread problem that developers, like any other people, only realize there own point of view and loose sight of other users way of feeling.

Of course there are good editors but I strongly believe they aren't as good as it could be. These Programs could look much better and give the user far more freedom and many cool features are not invented yet. So there are enough reasons to try on to write the perfect text editing software.

What is so special about this one?
Like all special things, this editor is made with love and not to compare it with other. Shure, we want to be good and give our users something precious from the beginning, but like anybody we have to go our way. We plan in big terms and try realize following ideals.
Freedom : All things should be simply detachable, adaptable and extensible, but real freedom also does include a deeper structure beneath all parts, that is comprehendible, so you be really able to add things without screw it down. The program should be run under every major operating system without any hard installation and should be easy to remove completely. Your settings or the sources can be copied and used elsewhere.
Beauty : It is important to us, that the user interface is comprehensible, nice and fits like a glove. Therefore we deliver fondly created icons, an intelligent designed user interface and many alternatives to each part.
Honesty : We report our issues, talk with our users and don't try to cheat with bloat features.
Inquisitiveness : Useful functionality will be emulated and we try to adapt all standart that make sense to avoid unnecessary user irritation, but from the beginning I wanted to try out my own or rare used ideas. I strongly believe that that there are no "new" ideas but many and important ideas are still missing in this part of the universe or at least in our common usage of text editing software.
Sharing : To achieve our high flying goals, we heavily use software written by others and also try also to activate enthusiasm and creativity of our user, because without their help we never would realize are full plan. But we want not only make it easy to share improvements of our program, this editor should make it easy to manage your source code and to share it if you like.

Our current state
Currently it is a simple Editor with an smaller featureset than SciTE, that runs under Windows (95-xp) but with little flaws under Linux as well. The Unicode version has problems too. But we have already some interesting rare features and little advancements to popular editors. Please try our download page, its free.

Please participate!
It is important to us, that everything is voluntary and everybody has a joy on it. But if you like our program or our ideas, don't hesitate to contact us. The people are one of the best parts of the project. All noble Contributers will self-evidently get an entry in the hall of fame.

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